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As a designer who’s worked remotely since 2010, one of the key skills I’ve learned to be important if I wanted to succeed was self-management. Working by yourself without supervision meant no one was there to reprimand you or call you out if you decided to procrastinate a bit and catch up on social media or watch a few videos on YouTube. You owned your time and flexibility is one of its greatest perks. However, as great as having a flexible work schedule is, it can easily derail your productivity and your workday if not kept in check.

This is where productivity tools come in and we all have ones that work best with our productivity system. Below are the ones that I personally use on a daily basis to help me stay on top of things and keep productive.


I am absolutely a big fan of this productivity app and it’s basically the command centre that runs my day-to-day. If you’re like me who needs to use a to-do list alongside a calendar app to have a good overview of your day, then Sunsama is for you. It perfectly marries a to-do list and a calendar app and does it in a very user-friendly, intuitive and holistic way. It’s a place where I can pool all of my commitments whether work or personal, and have them all in one central place. Having a good overview of my day’s objectives helps me keep things organised and predictable, not to mention it keeps me sane, too.

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